Cross-skilling agents to handle online sales and delivery support. 

• Implemented an automated post-call IVR survey, providing NPS (Net Promoter Score) data based on the interaction with the agent as well as the customer’s experience with the product and/or service. 

• Implemented a Concession Matrix, allowing agents to counter cancellation requests by offering coupons, gift cards, or comparable items, thereby either saving the sale or increasing client revenue through repeat/additional purchase. ` 

• Developed a Tiering Strategy based on agent capability and performance, improving call handling and efficiency on both sales and service all types, increasing sales performance. 

• Madein-India.com studies the dissatisfaction and troubles felt by consumers in their daily interaction with range of products and then draw out needs. 

• By delivering products and services tailored to these needs Madein-India.com is providing satisfaction and benefits to consumers. ` 

• Madein-India.com research and development, production and marketing functions are seamlessly linked to materialize needs and wants as appealing products and services. Madein-India.com 

• In this regard, we are carrying out our daily business activities from the perspective of creating lifestyle value with consumers, for consumers.

To address changes in trends and lifestyles as well as the diversifying needs and wants of consumers, we dedicate ourselves to the cycle of research, design and validation in order to develop products from a consumer-centric standpoint.
- Our Team Moto
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